Thursday, June 3, 2010

FOSCO is Here!

Like many others, I'm obsessed with Topshop, especially the shoes. The website itself is such a brilliant idea; who wouldn't want the ease of finding everything all in one place?

If you like Topshop as much as I do, you know very well that it's hard to come across a boutique site with similarly fabulous finds. Well, I've got news for you, and it goes by one name: Fosco.

As of the moment, Fosco is a private site, but I was lucky enough to get VIP access to check it out. I was shocked to find out that I absolutely adored almost every single item! From shoes to jewelry to accessories, Fosco seems to have it all. Check out some of my favorite finds:

The full website should be available for public use through the month, and I promise you all that you will enjoy it. I really think that Fosco might just become the next Topshop! Keep checking back to be one of the first to witness this new revolution!

Visit Fosco here!
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  1. Those pink shoes are awesome!

  2. Sydnie, love the bracelets!!
    thanks for visiting me... love your blog. I'm following you!
    hope to see you again at mine...:-)

  3. Love the first and second pieces...cute cuteeee

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