Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bohemian, or ... No-hemian?

I'll be honest: I've never really liked the whole Bohemian trend. In my opinion, Mary Kate looked frumpy; the long, straggly hair looked dirty; and those skinny headbands that went across the middle of the forehead made it look like the wearer was trying unsuccessfully to hold on a wig. I've always felt as if those long, boxy dresses completely hid any sense of a blossoming figure, and my ... don't those lengthy shawls make you stifling hot? I've always been glad to skip the whole boho thing, passed it off as something that was "just not my style" ... until now.

Yes, maybe it is a little late. Maybe the whole boho trend has completely come and gone, and I'm hitching onto the bandwagon after its departure, but I whole-heartedly don't mind. I'm sure you won't either once you've gotten a load of my two favorite new summer items!

Wool and the Gang Etenia Bag:

I found out about this adorable bag through none other than VOGUE. Each bag is made entirely out of 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton. Etenia means "wealthy" in the Native American language, and the bags come in four different colors: Cinder Black, Eagle Grey, Magic Mint, and Timber Wolf. My personal favorite is the Timber Wolf ... it would seriously go with anything!

Wool and the Gang has much more than bags, too. Just by a quick glance, I saw scarves, gloves, hats, baby clothes ... anything you could think of that could be knitted, this company has it. The Gang is a group of knitters, both women and men, from the ages of 7-77 years old. What a way to be connected!

Roarke New York Rope and Leather Bracelets:

These Roarke NYC bracelets come in all different styles, and that is why I'm in love with them. On the website, they are available in mesh, leather, chiffon, interlaced with chains, and neon colors. They give off such an earthy, beachy vibe, and you can choose your colors depending on your personality. The bracelets come in either one braided strand or two, the latter being crossed over in an "x" shape.

These bracelets not only embrace the bohemian trend, but the nautical one as well. The ropes remind me of something that a sailor would wear, especially with the frayed ends. I love these bracelets because they have just natural enough to be in touch with my earthy side, but they still look funky, cool, and overall, extremely unique. Check out Roarke New York for more incredible jewelry. I especially love the necklaces!

I now have enough humility to admit that I was wrong. It took a while for me to see it, but the bohemian trend has a place for everyone (even the most anti-shapeless people ... ahem, me ...) But I'm going to keep it real; I still think those wierd, skinny headband things are a bit much for me. I'll leave those for the true bohemians!


  1. I love the first rope bracelets- so pretty!

  2. I love the boho look, however it is an acquired "taste" I think : ) Those bracelets are cool!

  3. great bracelets, you should check out the charlotte ronson ones from last season or something, they are really cute! and you can always take a little bohemian and mix it with something else. as long as you dont leave the house looking like pohcahontas! x

  4. I've never been too into the bohemian thing, but I do like the bracelets :)

  5. I loved the boho trend (still do, at least during summer) and I love the bracelets you showed here :)


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