Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses

That's it ... I've broken out my sunglasses again. Winter is over, and the ever-blinding sun is back to make my eyes water and squint. Not that I'm complaining; I could certainly use the tan! Truth be told, I have a sort of sunglasses fetish. Every time I see an interesting pair, I can't resist buying them. I've got heart-shaped lenses, shutter shades, lime green wayfarers ... you name it, I own it.

Anyway, Hollywood's celebrities have been sporting a few common types this season, and I figured I'd give you all the heads up on some of the latest trends. Here are a few of my favorites:

Geek Chic Glasses:

Britney Spears


Michael Kors

Opinions on geek glasses have been extremely controversial as of lately. Some (understandably) believe that they look absolutely ridiculous, and some (like me) think they add a reserved, thoughtful touch to almost any outfit. Looking for a cheap way to stay in the trend circle? Get a pair of black 3-D glasses and pop the lenses out. That's what I did!


Sarah Harding

Celebrity Collage

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

Wayfarers are, by far, my favorite style of sunglasses this year. Increasingly popular are the colored ones. I've seen almost every color imaginable in stores, and I have my eye on a pair of cobalt blue ones ...


Hayden Panettiere

Aviators have been a long-time favorite of mine. They compliment most face shapes very nicely, and while coming in bright colors, aviators are still available in sharp, classy colors such as black and silver. Not to mention the fact that my own personal celeb-swoon, Jesse McCartney, wears them all the time. No, that's certainly not the reason I adore them so much ...

Shutter Shades:

Paris Hilton and Kanye West

Shutter shades have been extremely popular over the years, just recently beginning to cause a statement again. Although they provide little to no protection from the sun, I believe they're totally worth it. I mean, who needs protection when you're looking that fly?

One of the things I love most about sunglasses is that EVERY frame always comes back into style. I just can't wait until the legendary Ozzy Osbourne/Elton John glasses come back! I did see a pair with red lenses ...

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  1. -ahahah, i love it.
    i have a never ending obession with buying sunglasses, i don't know why. i've got over thirty pairs and i live in ireland, so it's not like i'll ever need them. ahaha,
    love the blog,
    havea great day(:

  2. Loving the MK runway looks- the glasses really add something to the woman he is "creating."

  3. Oooh I have an obsession with sunglasses too! But only because it's soooo freaking hard to find a pair that fits my tiny little face perfectly. LOL!

    I love all the pairs you have here. I wouldn't mind sporting a pair of geek chic glasses. How cute! I'm not sure I could get away with the rest though. Oh, how I wish I had a bigger head. Sigh. :P

    I hope you're having a great week, hon! xoxo

  4. My favorite pair of wayfarers, but aviators are classic too, and everyone needs a pair of John Lenon/Yoko Ono glasses!

  5. it doesn't always come off as chic to me ...but I love the Michael Kors interpretation ...sexy sexy!

  6. I used to have a pair of those John Lennon glasses, but I always lose things... sigh.

  7. definitely loving the circle ones. . jsut because the other ones seem to have been artoubnd for the past 3 years.

  8. I love the Geek Chic glasses. Sported that style for long before I switched to contact lenses. My favorite sunglasses are the Aviators.

  9. I can't believe that is Madonna.....

  10. I guess Britney and Madonna really have a lot in common, huh? Hehe, they even like the same style of eyeglasses… I think that "geek" look is perfect for both of 'em. Have you seen them in shutter shades? I think that'll also ok on 'em. :D


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