Sunday, August 16, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers, But The Weather of Fall Brings New Fashions To All!

I've always been in love with fashion photography, more specifically fashion ads and campaigns. If you haven't seen the September issue of ELLE magazine yet, I'm telling you: it's a fantastic investment. It's one of the thickest I've seen so far, and the ads in it are simply exquisite. Here are some of my favorites:

This Dior ad isn't new, but I absolutely love the photography in it. I've always felt that balloons make for an excellent picture, and the artist captured them perfectly in this shot. The feeling of freedom is practically tangible in the 2009 ad.

The Fall 2009 Fendi ad campaign captured my eye immediately, particularly the model they used. She looks so fierce, and the color palette is incredible. Way to go, Fendi!

Kate Spade's Fall ad is, in a word, "cute". I totally love the girly use of polka-dots, and ironically, the colors work perfectly together. PS: in the model's hand, she grasps yet another balloon. My favorite!

Like the Fendi ad, this Valentino campaign screams fierce. The model practically intimidates me, she looks so good. I love how they incorporated the sort of vampire feel that's so popular right now. Yes, that's right ... I'm one of those crazy Twilighters!

I fell in love immediately with the entire Ports 1961 ad campaign. It was hard to choose just one picture to represent how amazing the entire campaign was, but I think this one is my favorite. The colors and clothing used are just so elegant, and it does exactly what it's trying to achieve: the ad is making me want to shop there! Another 10 for a fabulous campaign!

ELLE magazine never fails to show us the most amazing pieces before anyone else. I swear, I must have bookmarked this magazine at least 50 times this month. Here are a few fantastic things I wanted to share with you guys:

Balenciaga is spot on with their collection this season. Filled with creamy colors and elegant silks, the line favorited by so many gives us an infinate amount of reasons to adore them.

The edgy Fall collection of Balmain pushed its way to the top of some of my favorites this season. I'm in love with the studded leather "rocker" feel of the entire collection; in my opinion, no one can pull off unique like Balmain.

Giuseppe Zanotti is at it again, people: this time, our beloved shoe designer dazzles us with his patriotism. These booties stunned me, and I'm almost positive you'll love them just as much as I do. Red, white, and blue isn't just for the Fourth of July anymore.

Here we go, ladies. These Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain boots are the perfect accessory to go with anything from the new Balmain collection. Nothing says "glam" like diamonds and suede. These are my new favorite shoes, by far!

Oh, Miu Miu, we LOVE you! This cashmere studded dress tickles my fancies for sure. I'm simply speechless; I can't do anything more than fall to my knees and whisper "Gorgeous!" to the gods above. Thank you, Miu Miu!

Last, but certainly not least, our marvelous Moschino. Who wouldn't love this dress, with a classic combo of hot pink and black! I would feel absolutely beautiful walking down the runway in this ... I want it, I want it, I want it!

A lot to discuss. So, what do you think? Do you love or hate these new Fall ad campaigns? Are these items and collections a hit, or a miss? Please leave your opinion in a comment; I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I'm excited for all the september issues coming out. Lately the styling has been so boring (straight off the runway, no mixing and matching) and the backdrops in the editorials so bland (gray? tan? NOT EXCITING) so hopefully the big issue will be better. The dior cherie ad has always been one of my favorites (I tore it out and hung it up) and that ports ad looks incredibly dreamy. Sometimes the ads are just as good as the content.

  2. Quite honestly I actually wasn't all that impressed by the september issue, I felt it had no flow and i thought it was same old same old showing jennifer anniston as the girl next door. But I did like the adds!

  3. Oh I am absolutely obsessed with the Dior ad you uploaded.It isnt new but it is soooo stunning.

  4. omg i love those American flag ankle boots! (L)

  5. i love the dior and fendi ads. for me, the dior ad conjures up the most romantic image of paris - the one i dream about. i actually had to put the ad up in my room to remind me how badly i want to visit. i guess that is somehow torturous. lol

    thanks to your comment, i am going to treasure my necklace even more. i always liked it lots, but to hear that someone loves it so much makes me feel extra lucky to have it :)

  6. Thanks for checking out my blog !

    Ohhhh my I love the Ports 1961 ad !!! Just beautiful :)

  7. The Kate Spade fall ad is adorable! I can see myself decking out in the tiered minidress and red tights! Great post (:

    ps. thank you for visiting my blog.

  8. ooh i can't decide whether i like the dark fendi ad or the cute kate spate one better - both are fantastic!

    and those boots - i'm not even american but i want them...

  9. I love that miss dior cherie ad <3

  10. amusing blog you have here (: i love the fendi ad, there's apparently nothing much about it except that it's fierce and powerful. thanks for your comment in my blog!

  11. Definitely a hit. Especially Dior it's a master piece and the perfume smells incredible, I want it! Gosh, and I had that magazine in my hands last weekend but I didn't open it or buy it. :( I was searching so much for Vogue (never found it) that I ignored Elle. I'm going to buy it next weekend, definitely, you convinced me lol. That Kate Spade Fall ad... LOVED IT! I'm a polka dot- black and white-pink girl! And Moschino... I wish I were rich lol. Loved the post! Now I know what I missed, but not for to long lol. :)
    Sincerely Louie, Ciao!

  12. OHHH those Balmain boots. I die.



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