Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Who is Your Favorite Designer?"

"When in doubt, wear red." - Bill Blass (American fashion designer, known for tailoring and innovative combinations of textures and patterns; b. June 22, 1922 - June 12, 2002)

"Who is your favorite designer?" For as long as I have been interested in fashion, I have recieved this question over and over again. The answer continues to baffle me, for it changes almost daily. How could you pick just one when there are millions out there, all with different styles? So, to answer this question (for the time being), I've decided to list a few of my current favorites right here on my blog. In no particular order, here goes!

1. Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang has always been a favorite of mine. His looks, seen almost everywhere, never fail to inspire me. Known for his signature "model-off-duty" style, Wang continues to please everyone with his unique look on the world of fashion. Below are a few of my current favorites from Alexander Wang! (Please click to make the collage bigger!) a. Black Silk Baggy Drop Crop Pants - $425 ; b. "Silk" Jacket - $425 ; c. Silk Crepe Vest Dress - $695 ; d. Silk Tie Pocket Skirt - $395 ; e. Silk Skirt - $445 ; f. Wool/Silk Combo Vest - $455 ; g. Black Satin and Grey Silk Dress - $632 ; h. Silk Short - $385 ; i. Suede Slouchy Tank - $760 ; j. One Shoulder Dress - $795

2. Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen's shocking designs have mesmerized me from the first time I saw one of his suits. I consider him not a fashion designer, but rather an artist. In the world of fashion, McQueen is known for his unconventional runway shows. Below are a few of my current favorites from the legendary Alexander McQueen. (Please click to make collage bigger!) a. Skeleton-Print Lycra Leggings - $975 ; b. Skirt - $650 ; c. Ombré Fringed Dress - $9,095 ; d. Short Dress - $1,290 ; e. Cutout Patent Leather Belt - $825 ; f. Feather Scarf Mini Dress - $343.50 ; g. Zig Zag Zipper Sweater - $428 ; h. Modified Harem Pant - $464

3. 3.1 Phillip Lim

You will never fail to see the latest and trendiest designs from Phillip Lim. His ambitious and risk-taking collections have fascinated many well-known people, such as Nicole Phelps of Vogue magazine. Personally, I love his pieces with zippered accents. He really knows how to make a statement! Look below for a few of my current favorites from 3.1 Phillip Lim. (Please click to make collage bigger!) a. Sleeveless Silk Romper - $525 ; b. Asymmetrical Drape Silk Top - $275 ; c. Lace Up Gathered Skirt - $395 ; d. Origami Skirt - $375 ; e. Oversize Popover Cardigan - $525 ; f. Winding Zipper Dress - $895 ; g. Bow Coat - $675 ; h. Silk Chiffon Striped Dress - $475 ; i. Zipper Ruffle Skirt - $675

4. Yves Saint Laurent

Ah, of course. How could I fail to include the wonderful YSL? Here's a piece of trivia for you. Did you know that Saint Laurent was the first designer ever to use black models in his runway shows? That's right. Yves Saint Laurent has revolutionized the world of fashion in many ways. His edgy designs have always left me begging for more. Below are a few of my current favorite YSL pieces. (Please click to make collage bigger!) a. Leopard-Print Silk Dress - $2,250 ; b. Silk Poplin Piped Bustier - $1,150, Silk Poplin Asymmetric Silk Poplin Skirt - $2,170 ; c. Cage Platform Sandals - $995 ; d. Cage Ankle Boots - $1,290 ; e. Cage Boot - $1,590 ; f. Patent Cage Belt - $495 ; g. Glass Pearl Necklace - $1,495 ; h. Oval Ring - $195

By the way: I know my collages would easily win "The Worst Collages of the Year" award ... I got really lazy. Plus, it's the thought that counts, right?! So, who is your favorite designer? I would love to know! Please leave me a comment letting me know ... I'll probably graph the results and share them with you next post.


  1. Hmmmm I like these too! But hmm.. I'd probably add Dior, Anna Sui, and Dsquared to my list too!

  2. ooo you've got a great eye too!!!

    just added you to bloglovin'!!! =)


  3. all-time I have to say (my namesake),
    Yves Saint Laurent

    He's marvelous at chic tailoring for women.
    And that's what I love too now ever since I professionally designed 5 yrs. ago.

    Add Christopher bailey to my list too

  4. your favorite is my favorites!!!

  5. Love the designers you posted and the collages are great. My favorite out of the ones in your list is definitely McQueen. I'd probably add Balenciaga and Lanvin to my list as well. Thanks for posting this!

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  7. Thank you for commenting on my blog!!

    You have great taste! Alexander Wang is such an incredible designer!!

  8. I love all that. I probaly add Rick Owen, Comme de Garcons and Balenciaga to my list. Thanks for your comments.

  9. favorite designer is such a hard question to answer! I'm constantly changing my answer... but I love phillip lim and alexander wang too!

    xx, Geri

  10. i don't really know many designers, but your #4 one, i like the shoes you showed in your collage :)

  11. aw you can't find a pair? hopefully you do they're wickid cute. i may like sports, but i like shoes & clothes too :] haha

  12. oh yeah, i like the redsox too :) sports, fashion ..all goood :)

    oh & i agree. i don't like high prices either haha

  13. Great picks! I love Wang and McQueen..

  14. Favorite designers, oh dear I could never pick, maybe Chanel or Stells McCartney...

  15. I'm Maison Martin Margiela all the way.

  16. Don't you just hate that question? It's like asking me to choose a favorite child! I love them all so much for many different reasons. But this is a great list.



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