Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Shoes of the Future ...

Today, while browsing through the March edition of ELLE magazine, I found an absolutely amazing pair of shoes. I'm not kidding; these babies are epic. By Gianfranco Ferré, the Leather Sandal with Clear Plastic Round Heel goes for $2,150. They're based on the new futuristic accessories trend, a popular style this season. The heel is absolutely insane ... I've never seen anything like it. Although I'm not quite sure how one would walk around in them, they still make my list of most creative shoes of all time. Hmm; maybe I'll do a post about that! We'll see!


  1. i know..those shoes are just fantastical!

  2. Killer shoes!!!! Great find!!!
    lots of love,

  3. OMG YES! the Gianfranco Ferré shoes are TO-DIE-FOR!
    i was wondering, would you mind putting me on your blog list? I'd gladly add yours to mine :}

  4. wow, you can't even tell you're looking at a shoe at first

  5. I was seriously going to marry a shoe, that Gianfranco Ferre show woulf be it! I honestly don't know why more people are seen wearing it. It's so sad because everyone still can't get over the Trib Twos, so now they're missing on the holy grale of shoes! That heel is just to die for.


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