Thursday, March 5, 2009

Confessions of a Shoe-aholic

"The leading cause of death among fashion models is falling through street gates." - Dave Barry

Shoes, shoes, shoes! My biggest passion ... if I was rich, I swear I'd have more shoes than Kimora Lee Simmons! Here are some of my favorite finds:


Marc Jacobs

Brian Atwood

Christian Dior

Christian Louboutin

Derek Lam

As you can probably tell, my favorites are, for the most part, brightly colored with a funky heel. What's your favorite shoe? Or, if yours is not shown here, post a picture! By the way, Derek Lam [shown above] has some pretty amazing shoes. Check them out!


  1. ahh those dotted brian atwood shoes are absolutely breathtaking! I LOVE them all :-)

  2. i like the brian atwood ones :)
    you seem to know your shoes!

  3. amazing chanel shoes! :-D lovely blog. shoes are always great... but lets see some on your feet! ;-D



  4. Go into setting, where you edit your blog and start a list of blog links. once you find that its pretty self explanatory where you put the link.
    with love,
    rachel lynne

  5. I adore those chanel gun shoes


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