Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Am Brilliant, I Am Threadless

Have you all heard of Threadless? Recently, I had the pleasure of discovering this amazing clothing company. As many of you know, no closet is complete without a full collection of graphic tees. I have plenty, myself; they're perfect for cozy days, goofy days, normal days ... you name it! Threadless specializes in designing some of these tees. The designs are seriously fantastic; some of the patterns are so unique that it boggles my mind.

Threadless's new line is gaining popularity fast. The Select Line is original in the fact that the designs are created by the community. They are printed with water-based inks on finer cotton to be softer and more eco-friendly. The women's collection includes tees, racerback tanks, and tunics. Threadless is also unique because it also offers a men's collection, rarely seen now-a-days. The men's collection includes tees similar to the women's, but with slimmer cuts and different materials.

My very favorite tee is emblazoned with a large bird feather. Upon looking closer, you can see that the feather splits off into a dozen tiny birds in flight. The design itself is so ingenious. It is almost opposite from what we usually see. Usually, it is the feather that sprouts from the bird rather than the bird from the feather. I absolutely adore designs with a deeper meaning!

Recently, I did a small photoshoot wearing my own Threadless tee. My sister, an aspiring photographer, is in dire need of a new camera, so please bear with me through the slight imperceptiveness of the following photos!

Tee: Threadless "Birds of a Feather" ; Jeans: Express ; Heels: Madden Girl ; Scarf: Fratelli Talli

Check out more Threadless tees here! Have a great week, every one!


  1. Hi Sid, I visited your blog after a long time... Howz u these days?

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  3. So cute design tee, I love it. Maybe I can design a customized tee like that and pair it to my floral knee length skirts.


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