Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How To Look Gorgeous In Men's Clothes

The Crafty Tipster

Cable knit sweaters have been in style since, well, forever. They were constructed strictly for warmth, knitted and hand-sewn with love by mothers and grandmothers. Today, we still can't seem to let go of these once heartfelt tokens; they're dotting runways everywhere for the fall and winter seasons.

Andrea Dozier

Fashionistas of all ages are donning thick sweaters this season, and rightfully so. The more colors the better, and what better way to brighten up a chilly day? A sweater is a comfortable yet fashionable way to go out, and you can pair it with anything from jeans to leggings. Many women are now sporting them over dresses and skirts. Our beloved street photography has been inundated with knits; shots like the following have been spotted all over the internet, inspiring people to hitch a ride on the season's best trend:

Telly Jailily


Gwyneth Tang

As much as I like the women's sweaters, there is one thing I like much, much more ... men's sweaters! In my opinion, thick sweaters look much better when they're not form-fitting, and with men's sweaters, you can absolutely achieve this look. It is also much easier to find a plain sweater without buttons or embellishments when you shop in the men's section. Plus, they tend to be much thicker and warmer! My very favorite is Rodarte's line of mens sweaters (appropriately called "Brodarte"). The colors are fantastic, and they look SO soft and warm. It would look great with a pair of ankle boots, no?

A great place to find wearable men's sweaters is (surprisingly) at Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister. They tend to have big, plain sweaters, and especially at Abercrombie, they're of very good quality. Check them out! Remember, men adore it when women wear their clothes ... this is the best of both worlds! So, next time you're shopping for a trendy new sweater, check the men's section. You'll make much more of a statement this way!


  1. Of course, the best men's sweaters are the ones you craftily steal from your boyfriend's closet :-P

  2. I love putting on my guy's jackets and sweaters. They look so cool on women! Love this post, dear. Still waiting for your lovely pictures.

  3. Okay, I am now officially raiding my boyfriend's closet! This post is so inspirational. I love it when women dress in men's clothing. I hate to say it, but sometimes we do look a lot better in them than THEY do! Hehehe. ;)

  4. Love men's sweaters (and cardigans) as well! I agree they're much better made... actually most menswear is better made and has a more classic fit, making it so much more timeless!


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