Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Resort"ing to 2011 Trends ...

I'll be the first to admit it ... usually I can't stand mixed prints. It's all way too busy for me. It sort of paints an image in my head of a 89% blind old woman who attempts to match her clothes by using the mantra "Oh, this one small polka-dot on this skirt has a similar-ish shade to this dashed line on this sweater ... I'll wear them together!" And of course, I get it; it's fashionable. I do respect it, since I practically have a shrine to all things fashion in my bedroom (not to mention this blog ...), but mixing colors and patterns typically aren't my thing. Until now.

There is no inkling of sense in my mind to explain why I'm so drawn to the Resort 2011 trend of mixed prints, but voilà! I finally see the light! I don't know what it is ... possibly the eye-catching color, maybe the simple fact that it just doesn't seem as over-the-top to me as usual. Whatever it is, I take all my previous misconceptions back; I love the new trend!

Proenza Schouler

Miu Miu




Here are some of my other favorite new trends of the season:

The White Suit:

Donna Karan

The Cropped Sweater:

Chloë Sevigny

A Touch of Chartreuse:


Diane von Furstenberg

Hot Pants:

Marc Jacobs


Head to Toe Prints:

Sonia Rykiel

Color Blocking:



The Alterna Wedding Dress:

Nina Ricci


Little Bags with Long Straps:

Burberry Prorsum

Michael Kors

Long Evening Looks with Flats:

Haider Ackermann

Want to check out more Resort 2011 trends? Check out! That's where I got all my pictures from. One of my favorite sites! Anyway, I'll be vacationing for the next week, so I may not find time to post or respond to any comments. Don't worry, though ... I'll be back to blogging soon! Have a wonderful week!


  1. I love the balenciaga print outfit and the YSL color one.

    XOXO, C.

  2. The white suit looks so chic

  3. Colour Blocking is always cool :) and about mixed pints, it's really difficult to look smart in them..

  4. I love mixed patterns! these look great. Very artisticaly done.

  5. Mixed prints all look so pretty but some how I think that I won't be able to pull them off :( I love the colour blocking trend and those alterna wedding dresses are gorgeous!! x

    Fashion teapot ♥

  6. color blocking = love


  7. Oh, I have mixed feelings about mixed prints. But I like some of the trends you have featured here. Have a great week ahead.

  8. Lovely photos you pulled! I love all the white and florals!

  9. I have a cropped sweater, it's so difficult to wear, as you can't wear jumpers when it's hot, but then your stomach gets cold if it's too cold.... Reckon I should give it another go, though :p

  10. the Alterna wedding dress is fab!
    so elegant looking, stylish and head turning wedding gown!


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