Tuesday, April 27, 2010

He Puts the "Queen" in McQueen ...

I've always thought that if I were to live in the past, I would want to live in the Medieval Period. Sure, it was an absolutely filthy time, and sure, history describes it as an altogether unpleasant age, but my God ... the fashion was to die for! All of that velvety, stiff fabric in hues of deep purple, maroon, and gold; soft lace and collars buttoned to the throat ... oh, I get the shivers just thinking about it. In the century prior to the millenium, I believe that the 1920s came closest to the royal style. The following pictures are from My Vintage Vogue, a few beautiful photographs of the clothing I find simply divine.

I've been waiting a long time to see a collection worthy of being compared to such a pivotal time in history. Nothing quite fit the bill, until Alexander McQueen's very last collection hit the media. It brings tears to my eyes knowing that he will never again design something that would be sure to make my heart stop, but he left me something to hang on to his memory. I've already established the fact that Lee McQueen was my favorite designer in all of history, but it never crossed my mind that someone could create a collection like one I've only dreamed of, one that totally and unequivocally describes me in every aspect. It seems almost silly to me now that I lacked the faith that one such collection could ever be created when McQueen was still around. I've thanked you multiple times for multiple reasons, but Lee Alexander McQueen, I wish to thank you one last time for giving me exactly what I wanted: the very collection I've always dreamed of. You are my hero.

McQueen's Final Collection: Fall 2010

A final note: if I were ever lucky enough to own any of these pieces of art, I would wish to wear heels something like these Chanels to pull it all together. Oh, they're just stunning!


  1. Gorgeous-- and I ADORE the mohawk on the girl in the second to last picture.

  2. oh, i can't say that i'm a big lover of Alexander McQueen but this collection is very and very nice!

  3. What a loss to the world. I don't think that his admirers will ever stop missing his talent. This is such a breathtaking collection. I do hope that you own one of these pieces some day.

  4. I adore the velvet, brocade, and gold - McQueen really made an excellent collection, unfortunate. :(


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