Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Fell In Obsession At First Sight

My Two Obsessions (As Of The Moment):

1. Leg Warmers Under Criss-Crossed Shoes

I apologize profusely about the quality of these pictures, or rather, these pictures-of-a-picture. Since it is one of my pet peeves, I try to avoid photographing pictures unless absolutely neccessary. Let me tell you ... it was absolutely neccessary. I searched high and low for this Chloé ad (from February's edition of Harper's Bazaar), finally pronouncing it a lost cause once the tips of my fingers started aching. Anyway, it's not exactly the ad I'm infatuated with, but the foot-region. Also known as the shoes. I apologize again at my near-constant lame attemps at joking.

I know that wearing leg warmers with heels is one of the most popular trends this season, but I've never seen it done like this. Leg warmers under a pair of criss-crossed strappy sandals. I adore it! The double texture and color-blocking practically sends a shiver of pleasure down my back. (Note: I actually did just shiver after typing that ... oh, the power of words.) This is one style I definately want to try during the seasons of spring and winter (Frigid snow, my strappy sandals and I can take you any day.)

2. Blumarine's Spring/Summer '10 Tie-Dye Collection

Do you agree, or are these colors not the perfect way to bring in the season of spring? I think so! Another thing I love about Blumarine's new collection is the sheer contradictory element of it. We all know that a scarf is usually used to give an outfit a burst of color (and to keep warm, of course!). The silk scarves in this collection are the same color as the outfit it lies on top of, creating a layered and textured look rather than a shock of a different hue. I love the way they were wrapped, too! This collection, however, does have one downfall: how am I supposed to wait for the warmer months to come when the terrific tie-dye of this collection is making me crave it so badly?!

I hope my sudden overload of posts doesn't overwhelm you! I know, I know ... I go from barely posting once a week to three posts in two days. Damn you, inconsistant self! I suppose I just felt the need to write. After all, I do have to sift through some of the millions of thoughts swirling around in my head right now; soon enough, words will be coming out of my eyeballs! Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Glad to see you posting again! I totally feel you on the erratic posting schedule, though. I'm trying to be more consistent, but I have the tendency to start something and ALMOST finish it, so it doesn't go up on the blog for awhile. It's aggravating to see all the drafts I have hanging around that I need to complete. I need to get better about that.

  2. I love Bluemarine such awesome clothes

  3. I'm obsessed with everything and anything Chloé designs for the time being even if it's not meant for me to wear it. The clothing is always filled with some excitement and feeling of adventure.

  4. Love this look!! Now I kinda wanna go buy some leg warmers and wear them with strappy sandals. :) Thanks for sharing the ad with us!
    And don't worry about the "inconsistent" posting. Lol. I think we're all like that. Life just kinda gets in the way of blogging sometimes. Hehe!

  5. All of those tie dye pieces are amazing! I never saw that collection. Great post!

  6. that Blumarine collection is breathtakingly beautiful!

    Fashion X K8.blogspot

  7. Loving the tie-dye, so quintessentially summer!

  8. leg warmers are absolutely rad, esp if done right! missed your blog!

  9. Love the colors of the collection ;)

  10. Wow, Blumarine's color palette is really eye catching ... thanks for sharing!

    gosh ... I have yet to try putting on leg warmers ... thanks for the inpiration!


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