Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Revelation of a Snow Fall ...

Yesterday, it was green. The lawn, the trees, the bushes ... all green. The sun shone through puffy white clouds dotting the blue sky, and it was almost warm enough to go outside without a jacket. It was beautiful, no doubt, but there was one thing wrong with the picture. The date was December 6th.

Today I pulled back the blinds that darkened my room, expecting to see the essence of spring hovering precariously, and somewhat dangerously, in the rumored snow-clad world of December. Instead, I was greeted by a wall of icy translucent white, a wall I had to huff warm air on to see through. And as that fuzzy edged melting circle grew bigger, the size of my eyes widened with it. Through the binocular-lens sized peephole in my window, I saw not only no green, but a different color all together. My world was now white.

It's ironic how something can change so rapidly in the span of a day, such as the appearance of the fairytale snow in my springtime December of 2009. But what I'm really trying to get at is not the change of the weather. Instead, it is my blogging patterns.

I had been on a role with my blogging, always having something new to post and something different to comment on. There were not enough days to encompass all I had to say, and it was liberating. Suddenly, there was one night when the snow came. The writer's block had arrived, and there was nothing more to say. The days were passing, the comments were thinning, and my life was getting busier. I knew I had to do something, but life was dragging me on a ride that didn't include my blog. Something had to change.

This morning, I decided to clear a couple hours of my time to get back to what I loved most in the world: writing. I researched all morning, trying to find something both interesting and unprecedented. Finally, I found something relevent, and I'm happy to announce that I'm back to my normal, ever-thinking self. The writer's block is gone, and I am back.

It started with one picture. The sweater I discovered was absolutely gorgeous, and breathtakingly unique. Clicking on it, I found the world of Babini Kuki, a sub-line of Aristo Fashion. Each item is hand-knitted and packed in a gorgeous gift box complete with a personal message from the designer who knitted the item. The knitting is done exclusively by hand, with the help of only knitting needles or a crochet hook. There are no handknitted machines or any kind of machines used in assistance. Babini Kuki knits not to make a profit, but to share their passion for knitting. In my opinion, these items showcase and embrace this message like no other. See for yourself.

Please visit the Babini Kuki website here. I promise you that you'll find something you love, and it's really a pleasure to look at all of the different pieces. Oh, and one more promise: I promise that I will never leave you post-less for this long again. I'm glad to be home.


  1. loving all the knits - so cosy x

  2. Glad you've gotten back into writing :) Love the knits from this label... I definitely have to check it out. It's so rare to still find handmade clothing. Even overpriced designer items, as covetable as they may be, are seldom still made with such care unless it's couture. One could actually say these handknitted pieces represent true luxury. I love the fact they feature legwarmers to match!

  3. You are such an amazing writer. Glad to see you are back doing what you love. :)
    Those sweaters are perfection. I am obsessed with that dark green one. The long baby blue was is beautiful as well.
    I never thought I could get excited about sweaters so much, but your post really opened my eyes. Thank you for that!

  4. Having writers block and being inspirationless is the most painful thing that other non-writing people just don't understand. Huff!

  5. I love everything! Great sweaters.

  6. That first piece is just divine. I'd take the OTK leg warmers too!

  7. Its so strange, I always have the urge to wear wollen items in summer and summery fabrics in winter... you always want what you can't wear! =P

  8. wow, i love the green, blue and pink pieces! these are so beautiful! glad your writer's block has been lifted!!


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