Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Am Nobody ...

I am tired. I am awake. I am ugly. I am beautiful. I am dead. I am alive. I am old. I am young. I am serious. I am outgoing. I am quiet. I am loud. I am ungrateful. I am thankful. I am cold. I am hot. I am close-minded. I am a dreamer. I am nobody ... who are you?

Courtesy of W Magazine's "The Art Issue", and artist Maurizio Cattelan.


  1. Amazing post. I'm not sure who I am yet. That scares me. :S

  2. I am nobody. I am sad for no reason. I am angry at the world. I amazed when others are happy. I have a headache.

    Is this just because I am a teenager? Does anyone else feel this way?


  3. hi sydnieee!
    what's up? long time no visit! im kinda miss you! :)

    merry christmas anyway!


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