Monday, October 5, 2009

Little Trinkets, Big Talk

A few moments ago, I came to the conclusion that we're having one of the best fashion seasons in a long while. The trends are spot on, the celebrities are loving them, and most of all, they look simply exuberant! Of course, we all adore the over-the-knee boots and the embellished leggings and tights, but in all honesty, everyone's doing them. We need something new, something ... fabulous.

This thought posed a serious fashion quest for me. I searched magazines and internet websites, television shows and other fashion blogs. Page by page, click by click ... the time passed, but finally, I was able to formulate my answer. I was able to find not one, but two fantastic trends that are fabulously "in" right now, but that are somewhat escaping the limelight (as of the moment.) Are you ready for this?

The One-Shouldered Dress


Calvin Klein

This trend is huge right now. It's been seen on runways across the world this season, and its popularity is continuing to grow. You may have heard of this up-and-coming trend in such magazines as ELLE, Vogue, W, and Marie Claire. I for one have been lusting over the dresses for quite some time now, particularly the silk ones. What do you think?

Tiny Bow Rings

Rachel Leigh

Minnie Mouse Bow Ring

Betsey Johnson
This trend has definately been seen on many major celebrities lately. The teeny-tiny bow ring has been a huge hit as of late, and it is sold out of many major stores. I adore these little trinkets; they remind me much of my dollhouses when I was younger! These rings are perfect if you want to dress up your fingers a little without getting too outlandish. My favorite bow ring right now is the Rachel Leigh one. What about you?

Which new trend is your favorite? Do you have any trends that are slowly coming to fame, but aren't being jumped all over at the moment? Do leave a comment ... I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. sydnie, thanks for participating in my giveaway! will announce the winner in a week's time snce i did go into a hiatus. and i agree with you about this season, its fantastic!


  2. You are SO right with bow ring, I was going to buy one the other day in f21, but I didn't, (it still hurts lol) I love the Betsey Johnson one! I like the Peruvian patterns that they're bringing, like the ones in Marc by Marc Jacobs. I also like the circus style of Anna Sui. This season was incredible! Great the post!!
    Sincerely Louie, Ciao! :)

  3. Versace still creates one of the most elegant dresses of all, they impress season after season.. ;) @ Paris Fashion Week

  4. The bow rings are SO adorable. I want one!

  5. I'm drooling over the first Versace dress! Love the bow rings, I've been searching for one :)

  6. I love the rings. The ultimate girly touch.
    PS. the feather was from Urban Outfitters (on super sale!)

  7. i want a one shouldered dress! :) nice blog!

  8. im loving the one shoulder dress and the bow rings! xxxxxx

  9. I love the two trends! And it helps that I just bought myself a bow ring. It's gorgeous. I should probably get myself a one-shoulder dress and wear it with the ring. I am guessing that will make me twice as trendy :)

  10. those versace dresses are just what i've been wanting for my future prom dress! HAHA. and now i officially want the betsey johnson bow ring :|

  11. one-shouldered dress is definitely right!

    sydnie, thank you so much for your support. we're so happy you like our blog! xxx


  12. Ooh! Little bow rings! Want! I'll have to alert the boyfriend. ;)

  13. Wow were calvin kleins models really blue?

  14. The versace dress is gorgeous!

  15. I love the pink shoulder dress that Abbey Lee is wearing in the first photo!

  16. Im fall in love with the one shoulder dress and the colors is soo yummmy, it's like strawberry ice creams, and the bow rings is soo cuteee


  17. Loved the one-shouldered dresses! I don't actually have any... I"ll have to start looking out for one! Adore those tie-bow rings as well. I couldn't even pick a favorite! But it's such a lovely way to celebrate a bit of girliness! :)


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