Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The True Definition of Fashion Design: Clothing Made From 3-d Glasses, Traffic Cones, and Other Oddities ...

A few weekends ago, when I went to the mall to get a (ahem) little bit of shopping done, I saw the most amazing exhibit on display. "Wearable Art", by the fashion design department at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, is a collection made completely out of non-textiles. When I say "non-textiles", I seriously mean no cotton, rayon, or wool. I'm talking clothing made completely out of things like 3-d glasses, traffic cones, elastic bands, band-aids, and cardboard Starbucks holders. Immediately, I fell in love with the entire collection, and I went back to the mall today specifically to take pictures so I could share it with all of you. Some of the pieces I'm about to show you are made of these non-textiles, but others are made of real textiles with certain things in mind. In my opinion, this is real fashion design.

Made of zippers.

Made of 3-d glasses.

Made of band-aids.

Made of coin rolls.

Made of straw hats.

Made of cardboard Starbucks coffee holders.

Made of trash bags.

Made of doilies.

Made of records.

Made of rubber bands.

Made of traffic cones.

The following pieces are made of real textiles with certain thoughts in mind. I didn't take the time to write them all down ... so sorry! What do they make you think of?


  1. wow! Some of these are real eyepoppers! It's like a massive project runways challenge. The record one is so fun and some of the inspired ones are flat out gorgeous.

  2. i need a dress made out of bandaids and records. period.

  3. I don't like half of them, but I love the first one very much :)

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  4. Oh wow. I'd love to visit a place like this. I wish I could make things like this too. Such a good post, provided me immense inspiration my girl!

    xoxoxo hope to hear from you
    love always

  5. i love all the dresses that werent made out of textile material. Especially the trashbag one. It looked nothing like trash bag which was why it was amazing.

  6. now THAT is fashion. I loved the dresses. So inspiring.

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