Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shoes Fit For The News

Just a few pairs of shoes I thought I'd share. They're simply out of this world, aren't they? The Celine ones are my favorite ... they're so different! Not to say they're not all different; but different is good, isn't it? Props to these designers for thinking outside of the box, and creating such a fabulously unique shoe!



Marc Jacobs

One more thing: a few days after I wrote my post on half-shaded sunglasses, I came across a pair in Wet Seal. They were only $3! Unfortunately, I felt that I looked a little bit like an oversized bug with them on, so I skipped out. Here's a picture; by the way, they're still available!


  1. Those celine shoes look very interesting idk how'd they look on me lol or if i could walk in them but i like how they look in those pics!

  2. Gosh! I love the Celine shoes too but without a footbed I'd kinda be scared off them. Thanks for the info on those two-tone glasses...Wet Seal rules for designer knockoffs!
    I'll have to try them on and see if I look buglike.:-)

  3. Love your header, looks mega sexy!
    lol, good thing you didnt buy those sunglases, they do not suit you... ;-)
    hey, I would love to see how you wear those funny shoes, cannot see where you put your feet in... very funny.
    Great blog.

  4. Did anyone tever tell you that you have the CUTEST smile? =]

    And those shoesssssssss. Isnt that the beauty of shoes? The more unusual the better.

    Much love x

  5. Wow these shoes are very interesting to look at! xoxoxo

  6. I love Celine but I couldn't figure out how to wear them.

  7. Different is always best I agree. Lately I've been seeing shoes like these, they're cool. I like the Melissa ones. :) BTW I liked the sunglasses. :)Like your writing!
    Sincerely Louie, Ciao!

  8. Those shoes are really something!! Architecture comes to mind:)

  9. AWHH wow! thoose top shoes are truelly unique! :) wow, there so cool might try and look them up! haa I like the sunglasses!


  10. Wow, those are some fantastic shoes! They really bring meaning to the idea that anything in fashion can be turned into works of art as well!

  11. amazing. the celine shoes blow my mind, though I don't know how they would work in real life. I really like the melissa ones too. THey are so sleek and graphic

  12. nice pictures

  13. Crazy shoes! Wow, i thought the glasses were Chanel :O xx

  14. those shoes are really cool, kinda architectural (did i spell that right? haha)

    and these sunglasses rock! they're kidna like the Chanel ones that mary kate olsen rocks. but i think yours may be better cause, afterall, they were only $3 and they're like, and exact replica!


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  16. Loveeeeeeee the glasses...u shud have gttn em...they look like the Chanel ones!

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  17. Unusual shoes! I think, Melissa - pretty. Also I like Marc Jacobs shoes:

  18. The shoes & sandals are very innovative! I wanna know how it feels like to walk in them! :O

  19. I love those shoes!
    Your blog is GREAT!

  20. those Celine shoes looks interesting!



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