Monday, July 6, 2009

NOT Thread-Bare!

New trend alert! Introducing the half-tint sunglasses: chic, casual, and most importantly, a statement maker. They've been seen everywhere from the runway to Hollywood to fashion magazines alike.

Want some for your very own? Try the "Hot 5018 Half Tint Sunglasses" ... they're going for as cheap as $49.99!

In other news, I found this Spring/Summer 09 Marc Jacobs ad simply captivating. I love the use of color ... seriously, it's photographs like these that make me want to become a photographer. What do you think?

In other other news, (okay, I'll stop with the lame jokes) I came across these FANTASTIC necklaces. They're made completely out of thread ... what a great idea! They add a unique twist to any outfit, and the texture is just fabulous. My favorite one is the last one! Tangled Up in Threads is the manufacturer, and they're selling these necklaces for an exceptional price. They come in all sorts of colors, and you can even custom order your own! Check them out here:

One more thing before I sign off: I'm truly sorry about my lack of posting. I've had absolutely no time on my hands since the summer started, but I really will put aside time for this blog, since I enjoy doing it more than anything. Please forgive me, and thank you SO much for continuing to read!


  1. Ohh! Don't worry we'll be here!
    And love the pics the necklaces and I'll have to get use to the sunglasses... I feel I'll start to like them pretty soon.


  2. -i love those glasses.
    MK&A olsen wore those glasses at like a D&G runway show. hahaha, i love them to much.
    those necklaces are very cute./
    thanks for commenting on my blog:)

  3. ooooh... i've been majorly crushing on those half-tint shades like forever. haven't found a pair for me at all though. great post!

    much love


  4. i love those sunglasses! cept... i saw this korean ahjumma (elder aunt/woman) wear it the other day with a visor... it was a little weird. haha.

  5. Those necklaces look Fairy-like! :)

  6. interesting taste. who knew that a person who likes something like these "i'm the shit" shades likes a for me dull pic.

    so, 10 points for shades, pic is boring.

  7. i'm loving the chanel glasses..i want a pair so badly

  8. that ad is gorgeous and I do love those sunnies!

  9. LOVE the half-tint sunnies..ever since MK sported the Chanel version a couple of years ago I've been obsessed.

  10. i really want some sunglasses like this.

  11. I have a pair of the half tint channel sunglasses. Friend scored me a pair. I adore them so much that I rarely wear them. Love your blog

  12. Like such glasses! And I like a photo ans necklaces.


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